Photography is an art -- it is the way we capture memories. It is a combination of light, color, personality, location, moments and memories. It is capturing a dream, a vision, a feeling. It is my passion.

I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I like to capture who you,your family, your children are as a person, as people, as a group, what your interests are and what makes you uniquely you!

I like natural light photography instead of what I consider "posed" shots. I do studio work (now that I've "come around" to that style. I have a look that's innately mine and I try to stay true to that.

My customers' satisfaction is my number one priority. I want you to be proud to hang my photos in your house, to share them with your family and friends and to think they are the best photos you have ever had made. If I fail to meet that goal, we will make it right.

I think being a "mom" has shaped my vision more than any other thing in life. I know what moms want to remember, how moms want to see their kids, the things that are simply priceless in a photo: the details that make YOUR child or family unique. I know what I want to capture, how I want to remember, the product I want to receive when my family/children are photographed. I think being a "sports" mom single-handedly gave me all the "practice" I needed to capture just the right shot of your child playing sports. Sports photography will ALWAYS be my first love.

The force, that I think drives me to capture memories is knowing that life is short -- we are all here a very short time and we never know when our time will come to leave. The thing that lasts are our memories of one another -- and what better way to relive those memories than through photos?

I would be honored to capture your memories.

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